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With almost 20 years of driving experience (more than 10 years professional, plus some international), we believe that driving is so much more than the road test, or even more than just “getting the license”. Personal safety is paramount as our city of Calgary grows, needless traffic incidences
occur almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of these have been fatal or at the very least, life-altering.

We understand that every individual is unique and that each of us learn differently and in different ways. With our approach, we go above and beyond what is on the road test and share with our students how to safely and confidently drive in even some of the more challenging scenarios that occur every day. That way, our students take their skill, knowledge and confidence with them throughout their lives.

While living in a large and growing city, safety is not only important for just the motorist, but those around them including pedestrians.

We consistently outperform the companies that charge $160+ per lesson and we don’t waste your time like the companies that claim to have the “best price/rates” where you could end up spending more in the end.

While we don’t guarantee passing the first time on the road test, (we don’t guarantee human behaviour, but that’s another story.) We do guarantee excellent value for your money.




We consistently see time after time that drivers who were only trained on test routes are less skilled and are not confident drivers. We believe that specific route-training is detrimental to students in the long-term. We always go above and beyond what is on the test and go anywhere to encounter various scenarios (highway, heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions). Our core philosophy is to train people and set them to drive safely and confidently for life.


Each individual is very different from one another and progress is not linear. We take it lesson by lesson as we’ve helped people with zero driving experience to being ready for the road test with less than 10 hours of training. With that said, we rarely need to work with an individual for over 20 hours as we do as much as possible in the amount of time that is booked.

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